December 2009

Happy Christmas to all our Friends

Time to find out if all that barking, meowing, and whinnying has paid off and your ‘owner’ has got you what you wanted for Christmas. But if they haven’t don’t worry – the Prince & Princess Petwear sale starts on Christmas Eve so you can afford to get what you want and more!!!!

Tis the season to have an increased number of humans visiting your residence, to find wrapping paper stuck to your fur, to wake up wearing a Santa’s Little Helper hat (see left), to have noisy crackers pulled above you whilst you’re under the table eating food that has fallen (accidentally or on purpose) off the table … if it gets too much, take some time out for yourself, use some Hebal Pet Calm Balm and have a snooze in your ’owner’s’ bed.

QUESTION OF THE MONTH: Why is it that when the phone rings, humans ask the people around them ‘who is that?’, instead of picking up the phone and finding out.

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