May 2011

Dating Site for Dogs Launched by the Kennel Club
Three cheers for the Kennel Club who this month launched the first ever online dating site for dogs. The site aims to put an end to genetic problems caused by some breeders mating dogs who are too closely related, or "inbred". I have been on the look out for a female friend so I was thrilled to hear the news and eager to sign my self up straight away. Princess the Cat was less than thrilled to hear the news, as she assumed (correctly) that I'd be spending most of my time looking at the ladies and not getting any work done, but she's got nothing to complain about as she's been busy testing out the new Pretty Kitty and Pretty Puppy pet beds / crate matresses...

New Pretty Pet Beds/ Crate Mattresses Arrived!
These beds are really quite magical as they keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. They have the softest texture, a cotton filled padding and bolsters too. I assume they are very comfortable (I use the word assume because haven't actually tried them out myself because Princess has been testing them out for over a week now for around 16 hours each day, and seems to sleep very well in them. She says between naps that she can't decide whether the pink or the blue is her favourite colour.)

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